Mike MacIntyre on Gary Andersen firing: “If they would have given him enough time, then he would have been successful”

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BOULDER — Mike MacIntyre received a text message Monday that made him smile, and then frown, because Gary Andersen’s dry sense of humor could flush out the dread for a brief moment. Colorado travels to Oregon State this week and Andersen wrote: “I guess I won’t see you on Saturday.”

A fact that left MacIntyre visibly torn Tuesday when he addressed reporters for the first time since Andersen resigned as head coach from Oregon State and agreed to waive his remaining contractually guaranteed salary of millions.

“I don’t know anything that happened,” MacIntyre said, “but I do wish he was still here.”

The connection between Andersen and MacIntyre dates back to 2010 when they met as opposing coaches in the Western Athletic Conference, MacIntyre at San Jose State and Andersen at Utah State, with Andersen’s Aggies earning a 38-34 road win. Both coaches jumped to the Power 5 the same 2013 season, Mike at CU and Gary at Wisconsin, before Andersen was hired to lead the Beavers two years later.

“Every time I’ve been around (Andersen) and seen him deal with his teams he’s been a great person and excellent coach,” MacIntyre said. “I definitely think he should still be there for what he did at Utah State and how he turned that program around and what he did at Wisconsin. … I do think if they would have given him enough time, then he would have been successful, because he’s done it in other places.”

MacIntyre added: “I’m there for him and I’m thinking about him.”

As for the impact Andersen’s departure will have on Saturday’s game? Hard to say. Wholesale scheme changes are unlikely with interim coach Cory Hall, the Beavers’ now former cornerbacks coach, but CU expects a motivated opponent nonetheless.

“I definitely feel like they’re going to play even harder,” CU tailback Phillip Lindsay said. “I’ve got a couple of good friends on (OSU). They’re going to go out there and prove that they’re not the reason why the coach left.”